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Rejuvenating Facelift Massage

Rejuvenating Facelift Massage
for Men and Women


Rejuvenating Facelift Massage sessions are standardized and will be the same each time you visit, with

the exception of possible add‐on services available from your therapist. Your therapist will do an initial

evaluation that will include some health questions. This is a massage technique and is not a “facial.”

Most clients consider their first session a new and unique experience. The sessions are pleasant,

enjoyable and very relaxing.


The Unique Technique used in performing the Rejuvenating Facelift Massage is a detailed massage

therapy protocol that:


releases the muscular adhesions that form as we age

increases circulation and lymph flow

tones weak muscles for tighter facial contours

releases tension of surrounding muscles

re‐educates muscles for proper positioning

lessens wrinkles and expression lines

aids in stress reduction and relaxation

relieves headache and eye strain

promotes a feeling of well‐being

improves the complexion


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a session?

Each session will take approximately 45 minutes.

What can I expect to happen?

You will be expected to get undressed from the waist up, so your therapist can do some general massage

of the upper body. You will be provided with appropriate draping and cover. You will lie on the massage

table; then, your therapist will enter the massage treatment room and begin the session. Relaxing music

may be played, and you are encouraged to use this time to relax and rejuvenate your mind.

What is involved in a session?

A warm steamed damp towel will be wrapped around your face for a minute or two. During this time

your therapist may gently rest her hands on your shoulders or the sides of your face and “connect” with

you. Breathe deeply and relax into the session.

Next, a cleansing lubricant will be applied and used to perform a general warming massage, gently

cleansing the skin and stimulating the lymphatic system. This step will include more warm steamed

towels being applied because gentle heat encourages new cell growth that is especially helpful as we


The exfoliating gel may be applied next. The gel will stay on the face for three to four minutes while the

therapist massages your neck, shoulders, upper chest and back to increase circulation and stimulate

lymphatic drainage. The gel will be removed with small circular detailed massage strokes. It will also

remove dead cells from the skin. This will be followed with more warm steamed towels.

The next segment is the specific, unique technique and uses the moisturizer as the lubricant. One side of

the face will be massaged and then the other by following a specific pattern and technique. The session

ends with gentle ear and scalp massage.

Your therapist can explain the Revive Series and the Maintenance Phase of your anti‐aging skin care

plan. The Unique Skin Care products are available for purchase and are recommended for you to use in

conjunction with the Rejuvenating Facelift Massage sessions.


This massage technique is also helpful for Parkinson's disease, Bell's palsy, stroke or injury, and in preparation for facial surgery as it improves the overall health of the tissue and encourages healing.

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